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Quality: Export Standard
Origin: Russian Federation
Quantity:25000MT-250,000MT/Shipment x12 months
Price is negotiable against Platform offer everday
Term Offer: 12 Months ContractProof of Product: Seller issue via swift below Full POP Documents to End Buyer after Signed Hard Copies Contract and POF.
1. Copy license to export, issued by the department of the ministry of energy.
2. Copy of approval to export, issued by department of the ministry of justice
3. Copy of availability of product
4. Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product.
5. Copy of Transneft contract to transport the product to port of loading.
6. Copy of the port storage agreement.
7. Copy of charter party agreements to transport the product to discharge Port.
8. Bill Of Lading
9. Copy of tank receipt.
10. Registered contract and allocation passport certificate issued by ministry of energy.TERM AND PROCEDURE
1. Buyer issues ICPO with right to soft probe.
2. Seller issues Full Corporate Offer.
3. Buyer endorses FCO and sends back with acceptance letter with term and procedures of end Seller Company.
4. Both parties sign and seal the present Contract and exchange the copies electronically. The electronically exchanged copies will be legally binding until the hard copies are exchanged.
5. upon acceptance of draft contract by both parties,
6. Buyer and Seller sign NCND/IMFPA
7. The Buyer’s Bank / Buyer shall not later than 48 – 72 HOURS swift MT799 to seller bank as POF or both parties make an indemnity deposit of 120,000 Euros to a well-known public notary in Russia federation as a collateral in which that any parties who is at default shall forfeit her part to the other party as a compensation.
8. Upon seller/Public Notary receiving and successful verification of MT799 or indemnity deposit, Seller summit contract to Ministry Of Energy for registration and Final Approval
9. Seller will provide Proof of Product in no later than 48 – 72 HOURS Via swift Bank to Bank.
10. Buyer’s bank issue to seller’s bank an Irrevocable, Confirmable, Unconditional Standby Letter of Credit./MT103/23 Telegraphic Transfer
11. Seller’s bank issues 2%PB to Buyer’s bank via swift within 24-48hours after receiving buyers Payment instrument.
12. The SGS inspection will be borne by Seller.
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