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1.Deal Capacity:50,000,000TPY. Capacity shall be negotiable between project Owner and Seller.
2. Pruduct Standard:SGS Report
3.Delivery: 6 Months---12 Months
4.Payment: T/T30%+L/C 70% ,SBLC, MT -103, MT-760, MT-799, RDLC
5. Government Financing :Project Loan upto 100% on the Collateral Security for Sovereign Guarantee, Bond, Bank Guarantee, Safe Keeping Receipt, Crude Oil Guarantee,, LNG Guarantee, Historical Bond.
6. Special Project Loan Program by the Unsecured Guaranteeby Financial Ministe and Governor of Central Bank of Government.
7. Contrcting Term and Conditions for SPA
8.Contract Term for 12 months,
9.Project Owner: Project Summary and Collateral Security Kinfs.
10. We can provide a nice consult service for Feasibiltiy Study Report inclusive of Environmental Impact Assessment Report in commercial bases As long as Project Owner demand for initially enginering consultings

COPPER ORE FINES 24.5% Cu minimum Basis with rejection 23.5% Cu.
Country of Origin:                 Mexico
México Loading Ports:         Guaymas, Lazaro Cardena, Manzanillo or Chiapas
Port of Destination:             China main port
Delivery Schedule: 50,000mt after 60 days of due receipt of correct
Instrument of Payment at Seller’s bank for the first shipment; the second
Shipment of 50,000mt will leave port after 90 days, third shipment 120 days 100,000 MT and thereafter 200,000mt per month till completing the 2,400,000MT. 
QUANTITY:      Total 2.400, 000MT COPPER ORE 24.5% Cu minimum                                
             to be shipped/delivered over a period of 15 month –
             with Extensions and Rolls.
Analysis technical: E.A.A.
CU                            24.5% Minimum
AU                            7gr/Ton                       AG                                 200gr/ton
AS                             0,321%                        Sb                                  0,541%
SiO2                          1,212%                        Fe                                  11,19%
Pb                             0,238%                        Bi                                   5,01%
Al203                        0,233%                         F                                   661 ppm
Hg                             1.981                         Sn                                 0,012%
Zn                              9.1%                          Ba                                  190 ppm
P                                110                          Cd                                  0.09 ppm
Co                             84                             Se                                   119 ppm
Ge                             14                             Te                                   88 ppm
In                              10                             Ti                                    0.003ppm
Ni                              11.1                           S                                     23%
Mn                            400                            Be                                  1,00 ppm
CaO                          0.68%                          Cr                                   67 ppm
K20                           0.019%                         Li                                    7 ppm
MgO                         0.20%                          Mo                                 89 ppm
NaO                          0.19%                          V                                     16 ppm
W                              12                                Y                                     2.54 ppm
Zr                              9,98                               Ti                                  0.03%
Sr                              29.0                                Cl                                  56 ppm
Moisture:         8%
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