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Collateralable Security for Project Financing Program

1.   Sovereign Guarantee
2.   Government Backed Bond
3.   Mine Concession Rights or ownership.
4.   Crude Oil Guarantees.
5.   Bank Instruments MT-760 or MT-103.
6.   Safe Keeping Receipt
7.   IEOB
8.   T-Strips and just about any other Treasuries bond
9.   Brazilian LTN's MTN
10.Petrobra™ and Electrobra™ Bonds*
11. Venezuelan LTN or Global Bonds
12.Spanish Blue's & Spanish Purple's
13.Mexican Bonds.
14.German Bonds
15.Chinese Historical Bonds
16.Western European Bonds
17.US Treasury Bonds
18.US State Bonds
19.Railroad Bonds
20. Other Historical Bond
21.TOV Treasury Bond
22.Insurance WARP
23.negotiable securities
24.Crude guarantee
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